Fall 2019 and Fall-Winter 2019-2020 Course sites

Courses for the Fall (2192) and Fall-Winter (2193) terms are ready and are hidden from students. To make your course visible to students, follow the instructions below. Your students will then be able to see your course in their "My Moodle Courses" menu on the MyConcordia portal. 


 1) Find the Administration block in your course (usually found on the left side of your course page if not docked) and click on Edit settings.

 2) Find the Course Visibility setting and change it to Show.

 3) Click on Save and display at the bottom of the page.


Upcoming Moodle training sessions

Moodle workshops are scheduled for the month of December: http://www.concordia.ca/it/services/it-training/course-availability.html

If you are unable to attend any of our Moodle trainings due to time conflict, please email moodle@lists.concordia.ca so we can try to schedule a different session.