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How to make your course available to students
Courses for the Fall 2014/2 and /3 term are set to be not visible to students. To make your course visible to students, follow the instructions below. Your students will then be able to see your course in their "My Moodle Courses" menu on the MyConcordia portal.

1) Find the Administration block in your course (usually found on the left side of your course page if not docked) and click on Edit settings.

2) Find the Visible setting and change it to Show.

3) Click on Save changes at the bottom of the page.


Library Resources block

A new Library Resources block now appears in Moodle. The goal of the block is to improve student access to library collections and services by promotion through Moodle, a starting point for many students engaged in coursework.

The Library Resources block automatically displays on the side of all Moodle course sites, adjacent to course content. Content is generated dynamically, and is tailored to the specific Moodle course that the student has logged into. The Library Moodle Block provides convenient access to course textbooks, librarian recommended research databases and journals, the library catalogue, and more.

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